Through its Community Outreach and Advocacy Program (COAP), Project FAIR builds its relationships with area service providers in order to provide more comprehensive resources to its constituents at the Help Desk and to the community. Project FAIR offers trainings, workshops, and case consultation services for community-based, social service, legal service, and advocacy organizations.

On-Site Workshops
COAP works to increase awareness of public benefits and of fair hearing rights and procedures among services providers and community members, and, to empower individuals with information about their rights while they navigate the public benefits system.  By putting this information into the hands of front-line service providers, advocates, and community members through out New York City, Project FAIR reaches thousands of individuals and families.

Educational and training sessions can be tailored for service providers and staff or for community members, and serve to increase knowledge about access to public benefit programs, changes or modifications to these entitlements, informal and formal advocacy strategies, and rights and procedures in the fair hearing context.  Workshops are held at the times and locations determined to be the most convenient for staff and members.

If your organization is interested in hosting a Project FAIR Basic Fair Hearing Advocacy Workshop, please email us at

Case Referral Assistance
Project FAIR advocates are available to speak with case workers, advocates, and agency staff about benefits and fair hearing-related issues, and to refer cases to partner organizations for further assistance. If you are in need of case referral assistance, please email us at

Community Resources
Project FAIR advocates provide a variety of materials to their constituents at the Help Desk and to community organizations.  These materials range from Know-Your-Rights and informational handouts to advocacy materials and comprehensive training manuals.  If you would like to forward information about your organization and the programs and services you provide, please submit a cover letter and materials to:

Project FAIR, Inc.
c/o The Legal Aid Society
199 Water Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10038